Cultivating Awareness,
Wellness, and Sustainability
through Cannabis.

Empowering Indigenous
Communities through Cannabis

The Indigenous Cannabis Association and Charitable Trust (ICACT) is the catalyst for the growth, enhancement, and progress of the cannabis industry, serving the greater good of diverse communities in India. ICACT is wholly committed to championing the cause of cannabis enterprises, producers, influencers, and budding enterprises. Moreover, it act as a bridge for a communication and knowledge, propelling towards an inclusive, fair and ecological balanced cannabis economy.

Together, Cultivating a Brighter Future

Cannabis Enterprises

Elevating Business Horizons:

Cannabis Empowerment



Igniting Change,
Nurturing Roots:




Through Cannabis



Igniting Change:

Influencers’ Corner of

Empowerment with ICACT


Healing with wisdom:

Collaborating for cannabis

health insights

Cannabis Producers

Nurturing Growth:

Cultivating Excellence in

cannabis production

Budding Entrepreneurs

Seeds of Innovation:

Guiding the future of

cannabis entrepreneurship

Become a part of Indigenous
Cannabis Community


Collaboration, Innovation, Impact

What sets ICACT apart is our unique blend of expertise. Our founding members, comprising esteemed doctors, passionate advocates, and seasoned industry professional, form the back born of our initiatives. Together, we collaborate, innovate, and drive impactful change.

Our doctors ensure that medical insights are accurate and evidence – based, advocating for safe cannabis usage. Our advocates promote informed discussions, reducing sigma and fostering understanding. Our industry experts bring years of experience, guiding sustainable cultivating practices and business strategies.


Diverse Expertise, Unified Vision

Our journey is guided by a team of distinguished individuals who bring a wealth of expertise, dedication, and passion to the causes. Their collective wisdom propels ICACT towards realizing the vision of a empowered, aware, and sustainable cannabis landscape in INDIA.

Naveen Kumar


Srihari Ratnam

Vice President

Vivek Nattamai Sankaran


Legal Advisors

Dr Khagesh Gautham

Devan Khanna

Doctors Panel

Dr. Tahir

Dr. Shruti

Dr.Nikki Ravikumar


Trusted Collaborative Connections


Empowerment through support

Your support – be it through donations, corporate partnerships, or collaborative initiatives – is integral to our success. By supporting ICACT, you contribute to a positive social impact, align with responsible cannabis industry growth, and gain visibility as a supporters of change.

How Funds Drive Change

Community Empowerment:

Your financial support directly empowers indigenous communities, fostering economic growth, education, and access to essential resources. This empowers communities to participate actively in the cannabis industry while preserving their cultural heritage.


Program Enhancement:

Through program enhancement, our cannabis charitable trust seeks to expand access to medical cannabis for underserved communities while advancing research initiatives aimed at unlocking its therapeutic potential. By continuously refining our outreach efforts and bolstering educational campaigns, we aim to foster greater understanding and acceptance of cannabis’s role in healthcare and social equity

Research and Education

Dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding, our cannabis charitable trust collaborates on research initiatives exploring cannabis’s therapeutic potential while concurrently educating communities about responsible usage and advantages

Advocacy and Awareness:

In championing legal advocacy, our cannabis charitable trust strives to reform outdated laws while raising awareness about equitable access to cannabis, ensuring justice and fair treatment for all stakeholders in the cannabis community.

Sustainable Practices:

Embracing sustainability, our cannabis charitable trust advocates for eco-conscious practices within the industry, including the adoption of organic cultivation techniques and the utilization of eco-friendly packaging. By prioritizing environmental responsibility, we strive to minimize the ecological footprint of cannabis production, fostering a greener and more sustainable future for the industry and our planet

Together we can
Cultivate a brighter future

The Indigenous Cannabis Association and Charitable Trust (ICACT) is the catalyst for the growth, enhancement, and progress of the cannabis industry, serving the greater good of 

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